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Morpho Registered Device registration and renewal of all STQC-certified devices. It’s a diversified platform for all your RD Service needs such as RD Service registration, whitelisting services and renewal of STQC-certified devices like Morpho MSO E3, Morpho CBM E3, Mantra MFS 100, Mantra MIS100, Startek FM220U, Secugen AP20, Nitgen etc

The rd validity extension or Whitelist of  Device for AEPS, SSO Rajeshthan, Instant Pay, Easy Pay, Jeevan Pramaan,PM Kisan, Aadhaar Print, KYC, Banking, Ayushmaan Bharat, Nova Pay, Aadhaar Print, Fino Bank, PNB Bank, Emitra, Airtel Payment Bank, Spice Money, Digi Pay, Pay Nearby, SBI, etc. 



Safran Morpho Idemia MSO 1300 e3

Morpho fingerprint scanner registration recharge service.

Register online Morpho MSO1300 e3, After device driver installation the device must be registered. After successful device registration please restart Morpho According to UIDAI guidelines, only registered biometric devices can be utilised for Aadhaar Authentication/ eKYC transactions. The device registration can be obtained by requesting the desired service at the RD Service Online website. We will further enable you to register your devices with UIDAI in an easy and convenient manner.


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Morpho MSO E3

Idemia CBM Morpho MSO 1300 is a FAP10 fingerprint device for Jivan Praman. Previously known as Safran.

Mantra MFS 100

Register Mantra fingerprint scanner which will ensure no third party can save your fingerprint data.

Startek FM220 U

ACPL Android application RD Service renews now if expired. Get full-year unlimited support.

Secugen H Pro 20

Secugen India Amster Pro20 RD Online Registration & renewal with extended validity online instantly,

Download Window RDServices driver or software for AEPS, Jeevan Pramaan, PNB Bank, Emitra, Airtel PaymentBank, Aadhaar Print, KYC, Banking, Ayushmaan Bharat, Nova Pay, SBI, Spice Money, Digi Pay, SSO Rajeshthan, Instant Pay, Easy Pay,PM Kisan,Aadhaar Print, Fino Bank, Pay Nearby,etc. 

Renew aadhaar register device services Biometric Fingerprint Sensor. Download Window RDServices driver or software.


morpho  download driver

Morpho fingerprint scanners download with driver setup installation service for a full year and unlimited time support.

– Download Drivers/download/

Mantra MFS 100

Download mantra mfs100 driver install.

Mantra MFS100 for Drivers for Windows 7, 10 and Android.

– Go to Download

Download & install the latest ACPL StarTek FM 220U fingerprint scanner driver and RD download in a single file for Windows.

– Download and install software


Download the latest software (19th October) for Windows for HU20, HU20A, and HU20 AP (Amster Pro).

Download Version 61

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