Easy way to add fingerprint Biometric to your web application

Easy way to add fingerprint Biometric to your web application

SecuGen WebAPI is an application programming interface designed to facilitate the integration of SecuGen fingerprint readers with web applications. It enables seamless access to these devices from modern web browsers, offering support for JavaScript to enable rapid capturing and matching of fingerprint data within web-based applications.

Key Features:

  • Easy Integration: Simplifies the incorporation of fingerprint capture, enrollment, and matching functions into web applications.
  • Browser Compatibility: Works with most contemporary web browsers, providing flexibility in application development.
  • JavaScript Support: Allows developers to use JavaScript for accessing and interacting with SecuGen fingerprint readers.
  • RESTful Web Service: Utilizes a RESTful web service architecture and JSON objects for efficient communication between the web application and SecuGen WebAPI.
  • No Java Dependencies: Eliminates the need for Java runtimes or browser plug-ins on the client machine, streamlining deployment and avoiding issues related to different Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and browser versions.
  • Small Client Software: The client-side software required for integration is compact, ensuring efficient performance without excessive resource consumption.

Supported Fingerprint Functions:

  • Capture of a single finger
  • Capture and enroll for a single finger
  • Capture and enroll for multiple fingers
  • Fingerprint matching

Supported Fingerprint Readers:

  • Hamster Pro 20
  • Hamster IV
  • Hamster Plus

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 / later (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Memory: Minimum 4 GB


A trial version is available for 60 days, with an installer for Windows accessible through the provided link.

License Requirements:

A license key is necessary for each domain hosting the web application. Without a valid license key, the web service will operate on a limited 60-day trial period. For information on pricing and licensing, users are advised to contact SecuGen directly.


Que. How do you test a SecuGen device?

  • Test the Secugen Device Initialization.
  •  Download the Diagnostic Tool for Secugen  RD Services
  • Testing of Device by  Image Capture from Secugen Application.
  •  Place a finger on the sensor and click on Capture. For any error the error message will be displayed.
  • Test Image Capture with Auto-On Feature.

Que. How to install Secugen Web Api?

The latest Secugen Hpro 20 driver latest version has been installed . Latest drivers can be installed by any of the method either by  Plug in the SecuGen HU20 fingerprint reader & the driver will automatically downloaded and install via Windows Update, or visit download section of https://rdserviceonline.in/download/, and manually install the latest WBF driver.

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